Beat the heat


Attempting to beat the heat is the name of the game this week and has kept the air conditioning and utility companies scrambling to provide some cool. to homes. Utility companies are sending out helpful hints with the astronomical bills but some people are so focused on the bill the rest of the contents are hitting the trash bin.

One way to stay cool is to keep curtains closed and keep the sun out as much as possible. Use fans to circulate the air. Using fans cost $1 to $2 per month according to one of our utility companies.

Change your air filters monthly and wash the debris from the coils on the outside unit. Be sure to use an up and down motion with the water hose to prevent closing of the fins. Try to make sure the outside unit is shaded as much as possible without restricting the air flow. Stay hydrated and monitor your outdoor activities.

“Make a rice sock and put it in the freezer. When working in the heat wrap it around your neck,” said Claire Sanchez. “Eating frozen grapes is good for cooling down, too.”

ANOTHER WAY to beat the heat is follow the example of Kilgoreites Chase and Christian Patterson who chose to leave the state by planning a vacation in San Francisco during the month of July.

“My husband and I always wanted to go to San Francisco and we found it a good respite from the heat,” said Christian. “We also chose San Francisco because we love the outdoors and Muir Woods is such a beautiful, amazing place to see. We walked the trails there and at Golden Gate Park. We also visited a lot of museums in the area such as the California Academy of Science. It had a rain forest exhibit and aquarium that Elliott loved.” Elliott is the couple’s one-year-old daughter who went along with her parents.

“One day we walked upward of ten miles exploring San Francisco. It was tiring carrying Elliott, but it was such fun,” continued Christian. “We saw sea lions on the pier and went shopping. Since San Francisco is right on the coast with food stands all along the pier, we ate a lot of good seafood. It was really fun to share the trip with Elliott and I am so thankful to have the opportunity. I would definitely go back,” she continued. “Muir Woods was by far my favorite place to see. It is such untouched beauty I wished we’d had more time to spend there.”

Muir Woods National Monument is a 554-acre redwood forest. The monument is cool and moist year round with average daytime temperatures between 40 and 70 degree Fahrenheit. The family was gone during the five hottest days in Texas… so far.

SON SHINE LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRIES has scheduled another graduation ceremony for this Saturday, July 28.

“If you’ve never been to this amazing ceremony, you’ve definitely missed a true blessing,” said Jeannie Barber of the ONLCC. “Take the time to not only be blessed, but the see how our awesome God is changing lives in your community; not just through these wonderful young ladies, but through the service of others who care and are drawn spiritually and to do His will!”

The Fifth Anniversary and Graduation takes place at the 3 p.m. at the Marvin United Methodist Church, 300 W. Erwin St., Tyler. Refreshments will be served.

THIRTY members of the “Builders,” one of the senior adult groups from First Baptist Church in Kilgore, braved the heat last Thursday and visited the Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. Members enjoyed the exhibits and enjoyed a late lunch at a cafeteria before returning to Kilgore.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tess Nichols who has been selected as Rising Star for Mary Kay. The title of Rising Star is based on four-quarter sales. Along with the title she will become part of Mary Kay’s Princess Court. A cruise is part of her awards but she will not know until this weekend’s conference where that cruise will take her.

Tess recently retired as a teacher for Gladewater ISD and is currently working a couple of days a week at Larry Perkin’s State Farm Agency. Naturally, her Mary Kay is right there with her.

WE WELCOME Crystal Gilman to the marketing department at Kilgore News Herald. Crystal will be visiting businesses in the Kilgore and outlying areas to offer creative ideas to help their businesses grow.

She, husband Matt and six-year- old Matt IV live between Henderson and Kilgore on the old Gaston home site. Her grandmother was a Gaston (as in Gaston school) which means she should know the area and the oilfield. Her husband is an artist and his prints can be found at conventions throughout Texas.

HEAR NO EVIL, speak no evil, see no evil can be depicted through three large frogs outside of this unusual restaurant in Logansport, Louisiana. The restaurant is called The River’s Edge, although not on the river but near enough to claim it. The restaurant is located on Highway 5 tying into 84 toward Shreveport. If you are in the area, it is worth the trip for a visit as their specialty is hot water cornbread and beans, which you must taste before saying anything. The chicken fried steak and other main entrées are equally as good at a reasonable price. It won’t help any, but you can tell them I sent you.

BACK TO SCHOOL is not the only thing happening in the month of August. St. Luke’s United Methodist Church will be offering guitar, violin and viola, and voice lessons through their Arts Academy. The classes will be given by Rio Wallace, Shannon Roberts and James Vermillion. For more information, call the church at 903-984-3576.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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