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THE new location of Hopes’ Closet turned into a virtual beehive this week as they celebrated their grand opening. On hand to help was a crew of area and regional staff employees for Hope’s Closet and Women’s Center of East Texas, REI Property Management, Kilgore Chamber of Commerce staff and ambassadors as well as a host of well wishers ready to look, shop and take in the surroundings of the newly refurbished building to suit their needs.

“All proceeds from Hope’s Closet go to the Women’s Center of East Texas,” said Shannon Trest, executive director of the center. “It is a big help to all the clients we serve as they move forward to a self sufficient life,” she said.

Residents fully supported the new move and kept the staff working full force to accommodate.

“I have never seen the parking lot this full on this location,” said Vicky Yocum of REI Properties. During the grand opening, more of the fence was being removed in the back area of the shopping center to allow more parking, further landscaping and visibility to two large buildings they are hoping to renovate and fill soon. Their plan is to make the whole location an upscale shopping center that once operated as strictly industrial.

The properties located on Highway 259 N. currently provide space for Jen’s Kids Boutique, Maness Furniture, The Office Center, Fastenol and Hope’s Closet and is located on Highway 259 North in Kilgore.

“Now,” Ronnie Pate, owner of Maness Furniture said excitedly, “maybe I can do what I wanted to do in the beginning. I wanted to meet with the dealerships across the road, and all the managers of the businesses on this side of the highway and plan some big events together in this area much like what they are doing in downtown Kilgore but extend it on out.”

Hope’s Closet is open Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It looked almost like Santa’s Workshop on Thursday with the staff working hard to make sure everyone left happy.

THERE seems to be confusion with Daylight Savings Time as it changes BACK this Sunday at 2 a.m. To ease the stress, think of time of year (Fall) in conjunction with falling back an hour and gaining back that extra hour of sleep you lost in the Spring. If that doesn’t help and you desire to get creative to remember, think of Cher as she sings, “If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…” Then go on your merry way; it simply means you will arrive home in the dark.

KILGOREITES BILL and Fay King have returned from a National Corvette Restorer’s Society event held in Frisco, Tx.

“Bill judges the Corvettes in auto shows and this one is held once a year,” said Fay. “It is always good to see everyone because this may be the only contact we have with each other until another year,” she added. “The Corvette’s came in from all over including Florida. This year, we saw lots of restoration to the 1957 Corvettes as they are now 60 years old,” she explained. “It is always such fun; we can’t wait to go again.”

IN ANOTHER section of this KNH you will notice an ad by Rader Funeral Home of Kilgore recognizing All Saints Day and loved ones that have passed on. Rev. Ben Bagley. St. Luke’s UMC clearly defines All Saints Day as the first Sunday after Halloween, but many times feels it is a holiday often glossed over.

“It is not just a day where we remember those that have passed away during the last year. It is a day where we recognize the unity of the church, both with those that are in the pews with us and those that built the pews for us. Our faith journey has been affected by people both living and those that have finished their race. There is no better day to remember this than All Saints Day. I hope you join with me in celebrating our journey towards god as we remember those who have paved the pathways for us.”

NOT TO BE left out, the City of Overton in conjunction with Queen Price Garden Club, Billy Moore Correctional Facility and others are in full planning stages for the upcoming holidays starting with “Light Up Overton” at 5:30 p.m. on November 27 according to Doris Hoover, publicity chairperson.

“This will take place prior to the Christmas Parade,” said Doris. “Overton has been lightless for years through the holidays,” she said excitedly. “We will also have a Walk through Bethlehem and many other activities,” she said. More details to be announced.

IT HAS BEEN TOLD Debbie and Jimmy Ott were so supportive of their daughter being on the Wheel of Fortune (aired on Wednesday, November 1), that not only did they fly out to be part of the audience, but Debbie actually painted her fingernails to match the color of the Wheel of Fortune. Congratulations to our hometown gal Amy Ott Provezis!

May His Love and Laughter fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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