20-year anniversary


Bill Holda, former Kilgore College president, congratulates Kilgore College trustee James Walker on his 20-year anniversary on the board, representing Gladewater. Walker served under Holda’s presidency for 18 of his 20 years on the college board. In addition to being a good friend, Holda said, “This is a guy who loves Kilgore College and over the last 20 years has given his whole heart, soul, mind, body to Kilgore College and because of that love for KC, KC’s a lot better today because of his 20 years on the board than they ever would have been.” Walker said the award he received during the Dec. 11 board meeting will go next to his recliner – not in his trophy room – alongside his plaque he received for his leadership as mayor of Gladewater. “I love Kilgore College. I love the people in it. I think we have a great, great institution.”


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