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The headline read “Church as we know it is over”. Article author Dave Adamson, a “social media pastor”, claimed the “location-centric” “physical attendance model” is “dead” and recommended an “audience-centric” model, both physical and “omni-channel” digital, likened to a lane-less swimming pool. more
Greetings, I am writing about the Wall, and my take on it. I am worried about the strain on our “ALREADY” strained social welfare system where natural born and those who took the time to become American Citizens are being either cut back or unable to receive benefits that should be for them as Americans. If we continue to just let anyone more
Ah, springtime, when trees begin to bud, robins start nesting and Daylight Savings Time launches its soul-crushing intrusion into the lives of the American people. (I suspect the Russians are behind it–or at least Stormy Daniels.) In addition to this sadistic clock-changing ritual, we parents know that Spring Break lurks just around the corner, waiting to give us a wet willy with unreasonable expectations of exciting vacations, quality time with family, or altruistic acts of volunteerism. Fear not, though. more
This week they’re packing up the office, and with the help of 11-year-old grandson Josh Perkins and 9-year-old granddaughter Josey Perkins the task will be completed before the end of the month. Though it was a feat Larry Perkins claimed was going to happen over the last several years, no one thought it would really happen – the State Farm agent did it, though, retiring last week after 38 years. more
I enjoy reading The Kilgore News Herald, from news-stories such as school budgets to advertisements for flooring or lawn-services – one thing nearly all categories have in-common, is: MONEY. more
Listening to U2’s 2009 song “Magnificent”, I am repeatedly struck by the following lyric: “From the womb my first cry, it was a joyful noise.” Although the authors apparently did not intend it, I think of God’s creating each human life, ultimately for the purpose of making a joyful noise praising Him (Genesis 4:1 and Psalm 95:1,2; 98:4,6; 100:1). more
AS the storms raged through East Texas in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, first responders were hitting the ground running before the winds completely died down. The calls began at 3 a.m. for some – calls of damage, road closures needed and yes, fear of what just occurred in a large residential area of Kilgore. more
As many of you know, She Who Generally Knows Best and I “downsized” some months ago – maybe 10 months – in anticipation of either a retirement or a slowdown. And, as many of you know and the rest will likely learn sooner or later, downsizing means you box up a lot of stuff that somehow or other had fallen off the official inventory list. For example, somebody once gave me a five-inch-tall porcelain figurine… it’s a cap-wearing bear, upright and with a knapsack on its back, climbing a tiny-but-imposing mountain. On the backside of the diminutive mountain is one of those You-Can-Do-It inspirational messages. No mountain too high, etc, etc... more
ONCE in a while someone crosses your path and makes a lasting impression, whether by an act of kindness, deed or simply by owning a winning personality. This person exceeds in all areas and it is his memory at the age of 99 that will strike you as quite unusual. more
Any casual observer of my daily activities might accuse me of child-centered parenting, which Michael Mascolo, Ph.D., of Psychology Today defines as “parenting organized around the needs and interests of the child, rather than those of the parent.” Preposterous! more
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