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Longview bakery clashes with Kilgore couple over same-sex wedding cake


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Dear Kerns Bake Shop, So many

Dear Kerns Bake Shop, So many people believe we East Texans are a bunch of bigoted, low cerebral simpletons. That is not true. But, your foray into caricature bigotry not only makes us a national punchline, it also feeds the negative stereotype about us. I am embarrassed to be your neighbor.

Dear Christians: Preventing

Dear Christians: Preventing you from oppressing others is not persecution. Bake the &#$/& cake. Thank you.

Well... Surprise, Surprise!

Well... Surprise, Surprise! It certainly didn't take very long for homophobic intolerance and bigotry to rear its ugly head here in good ol’ East Texas, once again (not unlike the unfortunate sexual discrimination incident that occurred not that long ago on behalf of Big Earl's Bait Shop and his self righteous psycophants in Pittsburg, TX). Actually, Kern's Bake Shop and your non-progressive, faith inebriated, like-minded supportive ilk... it would do you well to do some much needed objective research into you holy book and then hopefully recognize and acknowledge the irrefutable fact that ‘Traditional Marriage’ Isn’t Just Between One Man and One Woman! Nor is marriage primarily just for procreation, either... Opponents of marriage equality frequently love to quote scripture verses from their Bible to argue that same-sex marriage is “unnatural,” “immoral,” "sinful" or any number of harmful (and incorrect) adjectives. But a group of well-respected biblical scholars have come forward to say that, despite what some misguided bible thumpers think, their religious text doesn’t prove anything about the definition of marriage. In an op-ed for the Altoona Herald, Robert R. Cargill, Hector Avalos, and Kenneth Atkinson, — all biblical scholars – list all the ways in which the Bible describes marriage as something other than an exclusively heterosexual, monogamous institution: … we wish to clarify that the biblical texts do not support the frequent claim that marriage between one man and one woman is the only type of marriage deemed acceptable by the Bible’s authors. The fact that marriage is not defined as only that between one man and one woman is reflected in the entry on “marriage” in the authoritative Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible (2000): “Marriage is one expression of kinship family patterns in which typically a man and at least one woman cohabitate publicly and permanently as a basic social unit” (p. 861). This dictionary definition forms some of the basis of their claim. They say that the use of the phrase “at least one woman” is the clearest sanction of polygamy, which comes as no surprise to those who have read the Bible. In many cases, men with multiple wives were actually “highly blessed,” as evidenced by some of the deeply disturbing Biblical passages you may already be familiar with: In fact, there were a variety of unions and family configurations that were permissible in the cultures that produced the Bible, and these ranged from monogamy (Titus 1:6) to those where rape victims were forced to marry their rapist (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) and to those Levirate marriage commands obligating a man to marry his brother’s widow regardless of the living brother’s marital status (Deuteronomy 25:5-10; Genesis 38; Ruth 2-4). Others insisted that celibacy was the preferred option (1 Corinthians 7:8; 28). A different argument is that the Bible doesn’t advocate too strongly for lifelong marriage at all, illustrated by readings of the Bible that interpret acceptance of divorce and remarriage, along with some more antiquated guidelines: In fact, during a discussion of marriage in Matthew 19:12, Jesus even encourages those who can to castrate themselves “for the kingdom” and live a life of celibacy. Ezra 10:2-11 forbids interracial marriage and orders those people of God who already had foreign wives to divorce them immediately. In this piece, the writers elaborate on a concept that really should be addressed more explicitly in the marriage equality debate: while the Bible doesn’t necessarily endorse same-sex marriage or relationships (though some contest this opinion — David and Jonathan, anyone?), neither does it state that the only virtuous marriages are those between one man and one woman. Since this is the philosophy that propels so much anti-gay rhetoric from the religious right, it’s crucial to reiterate that their most sacred piece of evidence doesn’t actually support their position at all. Thankfully the authors of this particular piece did’t stop there, but also reminded us of the greater, more important notion that religion also has absolutely no place in politics: Accordingly, we must guard against attempting to use ancient texts to regulate modern ethics and morals, especially those ancient texts whose endorsements of other social institutions, such as slavery and misogyny, would be universally condemned today, even by the most adherent of Christians. Like it or not... Homosexuality is also no more different or unacceptable than being born a twin, a different race, a different nationality or left-handed, for instance. It isn't quite as common but it does occur and is a natural occurrence among our human species and so many others. You would have to be a pretty foolish person to still think that homosexuality is wrong or unnatural. It is a well-established fact that prenatal androgen levels in the womb have a substantial impact on sexual orientation in both men and women. I don't see how it could possibly be so incorrectly labeled as a choice any more than heterosexuality or bisexuality is a choice (whereas religion is a choice) as to why would someone choose to get bullied or attacked for no good reason. These bigoted bible banging bakery owners cannot deny the real facts that homosexuality is natural any longer, no matter how much they enjoy disguising their vile intolerance as religious gospel.

You have no clue what you are

You have no clue what you are talking about. Man, no matter how scholarly they claim to be is not my authority. God alone I will answer to until the day I die and meet him to spend eternity. You are lost and brainwashed by the master of lies and so wrapped up in bondage you cant see the light. The Bible is clear, without error, learn to read it in context. Gay behavior is wrong period.

The fact is if you actually

The fact is if you actually bother to read and research the Bible (written by over 40 different primitive-minded, opinionated, sexist plagiarists in three different languages on three separate continents over different time periods) objectively - it without any shadow of doubt - condones slavery, genocide torture and rape (including mass rape, women kept as spoils of war, young girls being sold into sexual slavery, etc.). Many of the horrific and outlandish stories in the bible, in fact, are fables taken from much earlier cultures that were woven from the ancient Semite, Persian and Sumerian religious mythologies. The mythological Adam and Eve story is nothing but a parable. The global flood is nothing but an epitome of some four hundred plus other flood fables; the legend of the Ark and mountains of Ararat have their equivalents in a score of antediluvian deluge myths; even the names of Noah's sons are copies, so also is Isaac's sacrifice, Solomon's judgment, and Samson's strong man pillar-buckling act; its Moses is fashioned after the Syrian Mises tale; many of its Mosaic laws are patterned after Hammurabi's code. Its omniscient, infallible Messiah is derived from the Egyptian Mahdi, Savior. Certain Biblical verses are verbatim copies of ancient Egyptian writings. The Ten Commandments that Christians proclaim to be true are actually a loosely-construed copy taken from chapter 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Book of the Dead originates at least from 2600 BCE with many versions following it. The Hebrew version (ten commandments) originates also in Egypt (1490 BCE Hebrew exodus from Egypt).The main difference is that the Hebrew version is shorter, the 42 Egyptian gods are replaced by 1 Hebrew god and the sabbath day observance has been added. This version has been passed on to the Christian community totally disregarding the fact that they took a selective chapter out of the book of death. Christian apologists will try to make all kinds of justifications for this, while progressive Christians will put themselves through all sorts of mental gymnastics to deny what it says in their own contradictory "Good Book." But the truth is that the Bible was written by biased, superstitious-minded misogynists who viewed women as nothing more than property. There is nothing even the least bit "divinely inspired" about it. It really doesn't matter which alleged holy book you follow and place your faith in, they all are truly nothing but a third rate work of contradictory fiction. All of them are collections of different earlier mythologies, legends and morality tales with an occasional bit of history and geographical reference thrown in just for good measure to fool the gullible masses of sheeple. It is by no means any sort of infallible instruction manual for redemption, morality or immortal bliss.

Way to go. Now somebody with

Way to go. Now somebody with an abnormal lifestyle is getting attention again.

There are to many bigoted

There are to many bigoted christians around to call them abnormal.

Just one

Just one word.......SUE.........

Mama Tee's cakes taste

Mama Tee's cakes taste amazing! Anyone that says different is wrong, I've gotten birthday cakes and cupcakes from her on more than one occasion and they taste wonderful! People shouldn't be attacking her because she is a baker and she's doing the right thing and servicing her customers, as everyone should do.

Why is this still news? Kerns

Why is this still news? Kerns can choose as can I. I offer FREE cupcakes to anyone who wants to come see if they are dry! Lol. The anonymous person is a liar. I would use the term LESBIAN not dyke!!! Every cake I make is going to be the best I make!!! Kinda hard to be a bigot when I have dated both men and women!! Have a good day.. Done entertaining this.

That's funny, considering Tee

That's funny, considering Tee Allen made some very homophobic remarks about me when I stated that she hadn't done my cake the way we discussed. It tasted like cardboard, and the frosting was half melted off by the time we even picked it up, and her comment was "you're lucky I even made a cake for you, half of Longview would have kicked you out for being a dyke" among other things. Will NEVER go back to that homophobic witch again. Just thought these nice people should know before they do business with a liar and a thief.

YOU are a liar!! And too fake

YOU are a liar!! And too fake to even leave your name!! Number one.. I would you the term LESBIAN NOT DYKE!! Number two.. I have a GAY birthson and I have always supported GAY everyone!! Number three.. You idiot!! I will give FREE cupcakes to anyone who reads this!!! I can't discriminate against GAY people when I WAS IN A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP FOR A YEAR IN MY 20's.. FREE cupcakes from Tee!! Join my group on Facebook to get yours!! Mama Tee's cakes & catering!!!

Everybody wins here. The gay

Everybody wins here. The gay couple can have someone else bake the cake and now everyone knows about Kerns Bake Shop and the fact they don't bake cakes for gay weddings. In fact, I think any business that doesn't want to support the gay lifestyle should put a sign in their window saying so!

Love Kerns Bakery and will be

Love Kerns Bakery and will be using them more often.

Ridiculous vendetta by KNH.

Ridiculous vendetta by KNH. Lost a subscriber. As was admitted by the customer, its not against the law in Texas to refuse service. What if the baker was Muslim and they wanted a bacon cake? KNH is WAY off target here and I'll be voting with my business. What a sorty hatchet job on a great family.


Your muslims-asked-for-a-bacon-cake analogy doesn't work at all. The Muslim baker would have to cook bacon in their kitchen, which is prohibited. These bakers were not asked to get gay-married themselves, they were not asked to officiate the marriage, they were not asked to the wedding. They were only asked to make a cake. There is no text in the Bible prohibiting cake-making.

Wow KNH... Wow.

Wow KNH... Wow.

(edit) gluttony is a bigger

(edit) gluttony is a bigger sin than being gay. In fact, it is mentioned in the Bible waaaay more than homosexuality.

Good for you... you have

Good for you... you have never had a cake or a donut and never eaten to much. you are just perfect. Wait... there was only one perfect person and he died for all of us on the cross.

Spoken like a fat bigot.

Spoken like a fat bigot.

There is no room for debate;

There is no room for debate; there is no opportunity for discussion; there is no way even to argue, no matter how passionately. Nope, if you are a conservative, you are supposed to close your mouth-hole, and if you don’t like it, Liberals can find some thugs, some club-wielding racists, or some mob of whining communists to beat you until you can’t speak.

If you'd bother to do a bit

If you'd bother to do a bit of research you'd discover that good white christians are the ones who beat people with their fists and clubs, these actions also include people of color and those of different religions.

Mussolini's fascism evolved

Mussolini's fascism evolved from socialism. Somehow we're supposed to believe it went from far left to far right without crossing anything between.

Typical fascist lefty....

Typical fascist lefty.... resort to name calling when you loose an argument.In short, you can't argue with Liberals and successfully shut them up unless they're somewhere in between being stupid and smart: too stupid to completely understand your argument but too smart to not be aware of that fact. If you think otherwise, I've got news for you... you're probably not as smart as you think you are.

"Resort to name calling when

"Resort to name calling when you loose [sic] an argument". You then go on to call the writer names and denigrate them. Thanks for the laugh.

Good for you Kerns Bake Shop,

Good for you Kerns Bake Shop, I am with you I will not be made to except the gay life style as normal, cause biblical it is not. The 2 men are worried about their rights and wishes, what about Kerns rights and wishes.

2 Questions 1. Why would you

2 Questions 1. Why would you want to shame someone into making anything for you to eat? 2. Mama Tee's Cakes - How come EVERY cake that you make is NOT the best cake you ever made?

Thanks for the information -

Thanks for the information - I'll be sure to patronize Kerns Bake Shop whenever possible from here on out.

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